Folsom Tree Service
1810 Thomas Rd Benton, Arkansas 72019
(501) 326-9800
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Latest reviews for Folsom Tree Service 5/5.0 stars (7 reviews)

They could barely get the crane in my back yard, but they did! Four big trees gone just like they said. I have used them 3 times, because they are good.
Fantastic crew and overall wonderful experience when they removed two trees and ground the stumps in my back yard. The crew completed the job exactly as quoted, and handled every detail meticulously and methodically. They had quite a few spectators in the neighborhood, I highly recommend them!
NO JOB TO BIG OR TO SMALL THAT THEY CAN'T HANDLE, They stay on the job until it's finished, Costumer satisfaction guaranteed.
Jeremy and his team did a great job on a big project. Professional and hard working group. Very pleased with the outcome.
We had a huge tree that was dead and hanging over our new home!! Folsom did an excellent job!! Can't even tell the tree was even there!! Great service! Thank you!
Had Folsom remove 3 trees from my back yard last March in a pretty tight location and they brought the big red spider to take out a hundred foot tall sweet gum piece by piece. Great job. Clean up afterwards was a
Amazing. No damage to lawn either.
Jeremy Folsom and his crew stood 100% behind everything he said they would do.... Very precise very professional very safe and efficient. Cleaned up on daily basis... They took down 11 monster 120ft plus pines immediately over my house flawlessly.... As I watch these tree company nightmares on the news I highly recommend calling Jeremy Folsom and Folsom Tree Service...Thank You Jeremy

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