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Learn About Why We're The Best Choice
Whether you're in need of storm damage services or just a tree trim, regardless of your needs, you'll want a professional with experience who knows how to get the job done. And why not get the best? Because that's exactly what you'll receive with Folsom Tree Service. We offer top-of-the line equipment, exceptional clean-up services and we can tackle literally any job you may have in store for us!

Coming soon we will be offering our commercial clients a customized tree care maintenance package! Click the link below to learn more.

As part of our services we offer free estimates for both commercial and residential clients. And the price we quote, is the price you'll pay. Guaranteed. You can trust us to stand behind our word. And our process is simple. Just give us a call and provide your address; we'll come onsite and give you an immediate quote then work with you to schedule a time to get the job done.

Something that has always amazed our clients is how well we clean-up their place once our work is done. In fact, you can count on your yard looking better AFTER we're done than it did before.

Why? Because as with everything we do, we go above and beyond. If it has rained, we'll build a road out of ply wood for our machines so we don't create ruts in your yard. We blow off your roof and gutters free of charge. And while we're at it, we may do a little trimming to other trees we notice. We don't leave a single leaf or hint or debris behind. Because that's just how we do business.

Did we mention we can handle ANY job? Because we can. Even if your yard has obstructions like power lines, fences, elaborate landscaping---you name it, we can get around it and get the job done. Perfectly.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, no one around has the kind of state-of-the-art equipment as Folsom Tree Service. We are the first and only company is the US to have the Italian-made CMC 105 HD Track Lift. In fact, we're one of the few tree services that offers a crane! But it doesn't just stop there. We have it all. Stump grinders, track skid steers, tool trucks, loader trucks and so much more!

Folsom Tree Service values safety above all else. The safety of your home and property and the safety of our workers. We have a 2 million dollar liability policy on all our workers but in all the years we've been on the job, we've never had to use it. Not once. We like to think this is because of the high level of precaution and precision we employ in every job.

All of our workers are connected through a Bluetooth headset that keeps them in constant contact with each other. This prevents unnecessary steps due to miscommunication and injuries. To our knowledge we are the ONLY tree service in the area utilizing this technology.